Terms of Service

-In using Bestwi (hereinafter referred to as "this site"), users of this site (hereinafter referred to as "the user") need to agree with the following terms set by the Bestwi administration office (hereinafter referred to as "the admin").

-The admin shall not compensate for any damages (such as leakage of information including access history, cracking by a third party, damage to the user's terminal due to malfunction of the system etc.) caused by browsing this site.

-The user needs to use the contents of the site properly and shall not abuse the right to access this against the intention of the admin. The user is prohibited to take these actions like unauthorized access, cracking the system, reverse engineering of the code, DDoS attack, or whatever to damage the site. The user is required to compensate for the damage if the site is damaged by these unlawful acts.

-The admin does not guarantee the usefulness or accuracy of the information published on this site. In addition, the admin shall not compensate for any liability of it and damages caused by the information.

-Images, profiles, tweet contents of Twitter users displayed on this site are acquired through the Twitter API according to the terms of the Twitter API (hereinafter referred to as API), and the contents are owned by each Twitter user. Therefore, the copyrights of those works shall be owned by each Twitter user, and even if these are contents that violates any law, or infringe the rights of others or undermine the honor etc, each Twitter users shall be responsibility for the violations, and the admin is not be liable for them.

-If it is judged that the information acquired through the API is inappropriate for public order and morals, the information may be deleted without notice, and the user accepts it.

-Except for information acquired through the API and for the case that it is specifically stated, any images, texts, source codes, etc. on this site are the copyrights of the admin. Reproduction without permission and any unauthorized use are strictly prohibited.

-This site uses data of cookies for purposes such as advertisement display and access analysis. Please see the privacy policy for more information.

-The content of the service on this site may be changed or canceled by whatever to happen(system failure, cracking by a third party, natural disaster, riot or management decision by the admin) at any time without notice, and there is no guarantee for the constancy of the services.

-This translation of the terms of service is provided for the convenience of users. The original is Japanese version. If the contradiction exists between this translation and Japanese original, the original takes precedence over this translation.

-The governing law concerning disputes about these terms of service is Japanese law, and the Tokyo District Court is the exclusive jurisdiction court.

-The terms of service may be changed at any time. We will notify you on this page if a change is made.

Bestwi terms of service Version 1.0, 15 March 2019 by Bestwi